KaboomOpt<TPlugin, TButtonDef>:

KAPLAY configurations.

width?: number

Width of game.

height?: number

Height of game.

scale?: number

Pixel scale / size.

stretch?: boolean

If stretch canvas to container when width and height is specified

letterbox?: boolean

When stretching if keep aspect ratio and leave black bars on remaining spaces.

debug?: boolean

If register debug buttons (default true)

debugKey?: Key

Key that toggles debug mode

font?: string

Default font (defaults to "monospace").

pixelDensity?: number

Device pixel scale (defaults to window.devicePixelRatio, high pixel density will hurt performance).


crisp?: boolean

Disable antialias and enable sharp pixel display.

canvas?: HTMLCanvasElement

The canvas DOM element to use. If empty will create one.

root?: HTMLElement

The container DOM element to insert the canvas if created. Defaults to document.body.

background?: number[] | string

Background color. E.g. [ 0, 0, 255 ] for solid blue background, or [ 0, 0, 0, 0 ] for transparent background. Accepts RGB value array or string hex codes.

logMax?: number

How many log messages can there be on one screen (default 8).

logTime?: number

How many seconds log messages stay on screen (default 4).


hashGridSize?: number

Size of the spatial hash grid for collision detection (default 64).


touchToMouse?: boolean

If translate touch events as mouse clicks (default true).

loadingScreen?: boolean

If KAPLAY should render a default loading screen when assets are not fully ready (default true).


backgroundAudio?: boolean

If pause audio when tab is not active (default false).


gamepads?: Record

Custom gamepad definitions (see gamepad.json for reference of the format).


buttons?: TButtonDef

Defined buttons for input binding.


maxFPS?: number

Limit framerate to an amount per second.


focus?: boolean

If focus on the canvas on start (default true).


global?: boolean

If import all KAPLAY functions to global (default true).

plugins?: TPlugin

List of plugins to import.

burp?: boolean

Enter burp mode.
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