Options for the sprite component.

frame?: number

If the sprite is loaded with multiple frames, or sliced, use the frame option to specify which frame to draw.

tiled?: boolean

If provided width and height, don't stretch but instead render tiled.

width?: number

Stretch sprite to a certain width.

height?: number

Stretch sprite to a certain height.

anim?: string

Play an animation on start.

animSpeed?: number

Speed multiplier for all animations (for the actual fps for an anim use .play("anim", { speed: 10 })).

flipX?: boolean

Flip texture horizontally.

flipY?: boolean

Flip texture vertically.

quad?: Quad

The rectangular sub-area of the texture to render, default to full texture `quad(0, 0, 1, 1)`.

fill?: boolean

If fill the sprite (useful if you only want to render outline with outline() component).
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