MarkJam 4 Winners

MarkJam 4 judges, 9/16/2022

MarkJam 4 has just finished! And we want to close it with the winners, this time we have had the total of…

2 entries

Apparently not many were able to finish their game, I take this opportunity to say that in case you need to publish a game out of time (while judging period) you can always dm me to lajbel#3662 on Discord

So, showcase time! let’s take a look at the two winners of this edition

Classic, dungeon, random

ErikoX, Mark’s Knight

In a classic rogue like style, this game is about going down dungeons and defeating Mark based enemies, with a sword and using bombs.

Different types of enemies will accompany us on our adventures through the dungeons. With a excellent graphic apart

By getting coins, you can also get upgrades and become a better knight, get the highest score!

danie, I love it, specially, the art, great rogue-lite dungeon game!

tga, This looks amazing and has lots of potential! Kinda hope there’s some roguelike elements like choose upgrade each floor

Horror, a strange monster

Shrek2374, Afraid of the Mark

In this game we have the clear task of escaping from a dark Mark that will chase us through a maze, where our goal is to find a sword to kill him.

danie, scary scary scary scary.

tga, mark is very cute in this game

Because of the immersive terror, it really cost our judges to rate this game (Especially Danie, who is very scary).


Everyone is a winner! Hacker codes will be delivered soon :D. Thanks to the participants and to all the kaboomies who participated in this event, wait for the next one!

Happy burp, Kaboom.