MarkJam #5 winners

Hungry Judges, 11/16/2022

MarkJam 5 was great, with so much participants, with so much submissions! Very cool games, now it’s time to see the winners! The theme β€œeat” was selected, with a total of 14 entries!


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GoldMark: Marks Food Place by ErikoX

A cooking game with a very good graphic apart. We can live the real experiencie of work in a restaurant cooking food.

SilverMark: Snaked! by Kenney & andy007

A snake game but with a Mark spices, pretty good graphics and sounds! And the best, after eat, burps.

BronzeMark: Mark’s Arcade: Pacfruit by swaritchoudhariweb

A game (it must be said) about eat fruits in a maze, like Pacmark (or it was pacman?), very cool and with nostalgic art!


Here the MarkTrophies for our winners!