Basic Concepts

As we said, KAPLAY is a game library that makes it easy to create games in JavaScript. For that, we have three main concepts: Scenes, Game Objects, and Components.

We can think games as a theater, where scenes are the acts, game objects are the actors and components are the script that the actors follow.

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All KAPLAY games start with the kaplay() function. This function also make avaible all methods and functions that you will use to create your game.


Game Objects

An object (aka Game Object) is the basic unit of KAPLAY. The player, a butterfly, a tree, or even a piece of text.

If a game is a theater, then objects are the actors. They are the things that move, interact, and make the game interesting.

In KAPLAY, you can create objects with the add() function, it takes an array of components that define the object’s behavior (“the script of your actor”).

kaplay(); // remember to initialize the game

    // this is a component
    rect(32, 32),


Components are the building blocks of game objects. They define the behavior of the object, like how it moves, how it looks, and how it interacts with other objects.

In KAPLAY, there’s many built-in components that you can use to create your game objects.

  • pos(x, y): Set the position of the object.
  • rect(width, height): Draw a rectangle.
  • color(r, g, b): Set the color of the object.


Scenes are what wrap the game objects. They are the acts of the theater. For example, normally you have a scene for the main menu, another for the game itself, and another for the game over screen.

In KAPLAY, you can create scenes with the scene() function:

kaplay(); // remember to initialize the game

scene("game", () => {
        // a component
        rect(32, 32),