Debug Mode

The debug mode is a KAPLAY integrated tool that helps you to debug your game. Now, we will see how to use it.

Inspect Mode

You can enable inpsect mode by pressing F1 key. This will open the debug panel.

You will see

  • The current FPS
  • Object areas (blue rectangle)
  • Object anchor points (red dot)
  • Object components properties


You can use (with or without the inpsect mode) the debug.log() function to log messages in the game screen.

debug.log("Hello, world!");

With F2, you can clear the log.

Controlling time

With the keys F7, F8, F9 you can control the time of the game.

F7 and F9 will decrease and increase the time speed, respectively. F8 will pause the game.

This is useful to test features in slow motion or to pause the game to inspect the objects.