Publishing a KAPLAY game

When we finish our game, the most important time it’s here… Publish it!

Preparing the game

We should prepare our game to pubish in the different platforms.

  • use relative paths like sprites/bean.png or ./sprites/bean.png
  • create a zip with your game, with all assets, code files and a index.html as the entry point
  • use a custom canvas is a good idea too
    canvas: document.queryElement("#myCanvas"),

First, go to your account, then Upload a new project


Then, in Kind of project, you should select HTML, so will let you upload a web game


After that, the only thing left to do is to upload your zip with your game files, or if you have a single ìndex.html file (very tasteful) upload it! Documentation about HTML5 games

First, go to the up arrow and select Game


Now, as, only upload a zip with your fabolous index.html game file.

Tag your game

You can tag your game in the different platforms with the tag kaplayjs. Probbably we will see it and even promote in our Twitter :D