KAPLAY (/ˈkæpleɪ/) is a JavaScript library that helps you make games fast and fun! With an easy API and a focus on games, you can create games quickly without writing many lines of code.

KAPLAYGROUND is the official playground of KAPLAY, where you can test our examples and learn how to use KAPLAY.

We are also working on KAPLAY Editor, a games editor for KAPLAY, where you can create games in your browser.


  • Creation of levels using ASCII maps.
  • An ECS (Entity Component System) architecture.
  • A powerful event system.
  • Arcade physics, fast and simple.
  • A bunch of examples to get you started quickly here.
  • A large community of developers who creates plugins and share them with the community on our official Discord.
  • Fully compatible with Kaboom.js 3000.

The backstory

On 21 May 2024 we took the decision to create this spiritual successor of Kaboom.js, being also a fork of it.

This was due to Kaboom.js being abandoned by Replit, the original creator of Kaboom.js, and the community was left without a maintainer.

The idea is to expand what kaboom was under a new identity, KAPLAY itself is fully compatible with Kaboom.

Logos, names and other assets

The name is KAPLAY, a play on the word “kaboom” and the word “play”, it’s written in all caps, KAPLAY, not KaPlay or Kaplay. Anyway kaplay (lowercase) is also acceptable.

KAPLAY logo (outlined, webp animation)

KAPLAY LOGO outlined and animated

KAPLAY logo (webp animation)

KAPLAY LOGO animated

KAPLAY logo (outlined, png) KAPLAY LOGO outlined

KAPLAY logo (png)



#ffd700 #5ba675 #1f102a #cc425e #4a3052 #ffffff



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Visual Novel