A 2D vector.

x: number

The x coordinate

y: number

The y coordinate

fromAngle(deg: number): Vec2

Create a new Vec2 from an angle in degrees

clone(): Vec2

Clone the vector

add(args: Vec2Args): Vec2

Returns the addition with another vector.

sub(args: Vec2Args): Vec2

Returns the subtraction with another vector.

scale(args: Vec2Args): Vec2

Scale by another vector. or a single number

dist(args: Vec2Args): number

Get distance between another vector

sdist(args: Vec2Args): number

Get squared distance between another vector

slen(): number

Get squared length of the vector


unit(): Vec2

Get the unit vector (length of 1).

normal(): Vec2

Get the perpendicular vector.

reflect(normal: Vec2): Vec2

Get the reflection of a vector with a normal.


project(on: Vec2): Vec2

Get the projection of a vector onto another vector.


reject(on: Vec2): Vec2

Get the rejection of a vector onto another vector.


dot(p2: Vec2): number

Get the dot product with another vector.

cross(p2: Vec2): number

Get the cross product with another vector.


angle(args: Vec2Args): number

Get the angle of the vector in degrees.

angleBetween(args: Vec2Args): number

Get the angle between this vector and another vector.


lerp(dest: Vec2, t: number): Vec2

Linear interpolate to a destination vector (for positions).

slerp(dest: Vec2, t: number): Vec2

Spherical linear interpolate to a destination vector (for rotations).


isZero(): boolean

If the vector (x, y) is zero.


toFixed(n: number): Vec2

To n precision floating point.

transform(m: Mat4): Vec2

Multiply by a Mat4.


eq(other: Vec2): boolean

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